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What's in Store at NAB Las Vegas 2024?

NAB 2024 Las Vegas kicks off this Sunday, April 13th 2024. It's time to find out who will capture attendees and make news at one of the most important broadcast, media and content creation events year-over-year.

Between April 13-17, broadcasters, content creators, producers, directors, post-production specialists, engineers, technology vendors, journalists, educators and enthusiasts from around the world will converge in Sin City for this exciting industry event.

And of course, Enigma will be there, creating engaging experiential design spaces that spotlight the future of broadcasting.

Ballet dancer in front of LG Business Systems screen display

Combining physical art with technology: Enigma's design approach has always tried to break boundaries

For TV, film, audio and multimedia entertainment fans, the technology being launched at NAB 2024 will be used to create the next generation of entertainment.

Some of the exhibitors at NAB 2024 are household names, but we’re equally excited about the tech and content from lesser-known brands. It’s these innovations that can enrich and potentially revitalise the entire media pipeline - from movie production, VFX and sound to streaming content creation, distribution and marketing.

Image of people riding VR motorcycle on Unreal Ride stand at NAB 2023

Interactive elements are crucial to a successful trade show exhibit

What to expect for film and cinema tech

Once predicted to be in terminal decline, the cinema industry continues to bounce back from the dark days of the global pandemic and recent WGA labor strike. So what’s changed? Taking a look at the forthcoming NAB show demonstrates that every part of movie making is rapidly advancing.

Global giants like Canon and Sony continue to innovate with cameras, screens and post production technology. It is rumoured that the legendary Canon EOS camera models are getting a much anticipated upgrade - and with release of the Burano Camera system, Sony seeks to continue strengthening its position in the mid range camera sector.

Sony Burano Camera, back and left side view

Sony’s Burano 8K camera is 33% lighter than its predecessor, the VENICE 2 - Image © Sony

Equally important specialist companies such as Black Magic Design have literally pushed the frontiers on how filmmakers design and create visually stunning content.

Oscar-nominated for their work on global blockbusters including “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” “Maestro” and “Oppenheimer'', Black Magic Design has proved yet again that their DaVinci Resolve Studio is the post production suite to beat in the broadcast space.

The video production pipeline

And that’s just movies. With video now the leading marketing tool, integrated video production pipelines that include management systems and marketing tools are becoming necessary for independent content creators and businesses alike.

Global company Backlight has steadily built an impressive reputation for developing technology that can positively disrupt every aspect of the video and entertainment content production process. They will be there in force demonstrating how the capabilities of their iconic cloud-based production tools and CELTX drive both creativity and sustainability.

Dual video monitors showing video technical performance data with out of focus laser light background

Backlight’s FTrack was named Remote Production Product of the Year at NAB 2022 - Image © Backlight

Inevitably, AI will be making its mark too. Companies like Wolftech and Matrox are leading the charge in AI-powered content creation and IP-based workflows. In addition, industry observers are waiting excitedly to see how NVIDIA’s incredible new Blackwell AI chipset will transform the broadcast ecosystem.

5G, wireless tech and the broadcast industry

Unsurprisingly, the big players from Mobile World Congress are encroaching on NAB 2024 more and more. 5G has now come of age and there are massive creative and monetary opportunities for exhibitors at the show in Vegas to seamlessly and securely unite and enhance their content creation and distribution processes.

Some might say that 5G could be the death knell of the traditional TV broadcasting model, but the positives will surely outweigh any downsides.

Sports fans will be able to watch their favourite teams in HD wherever they go and because of 5G the amount of sport available to stream will increase massively; small teams with portable cameras will do the job. Broadcast trucks and miles of cable will soon be a thing of the past. Viewers will also be able to consume and interact with streamed content using AR and VR technology where they can actually choose how story narratives flow with multiple episodes leading to different endings.

The possibilities are immense!

Stylised image of hand holding mobile phone with 5G ogo above and image of Las Vegas behindThe mobile technology showcased at MWC supports every industry represented at NAB 2024

However NAB evolves, Enigma’s industry leading capabilities and reputation will evolve with it. We will continue to strive to provide the most engaging and stunning experiential designs for our clients and will continue to put their brands in focus.

***You can uniquely experience NAB 2024 with a guided tour hosted by Enigma’s Event Experience Strategist Ashley Graham on Tuesday  April 16th at 10AM, 2PM or 4PM.

She'll reveal the top experiences on show, teach you crucial exhibition dos and don'ts, and even analyse your brand's exhibit.

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