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MWC 2024 and What It Means For All Our Futures

Mobile World Congress 2024 is now truly in the rearview mirror - an overwhelmingly exciting and dynamic wave of innovation, colour, noise and technology. Enigma was proud to be the exhibition specialists who created truly memorable experiential spaces for five of the mobile ecosystem's biggest brands. We were at the heart of it with a display of expertise and passion that our partners and clients felt was our best MWC experience ever.

But what were the show's true mobile tech standouts, and what do they mean for us?

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MWC 2024 was one of Enigma's most successful shows to date

MWC at a glance

With 5G handsets, wireless antenna stacks, mobile Meditech devices and next generation human-like robots with learning AI chipsets, this year’s show had it all.

However, when you look behind the shiny mobile baubles on offer, MWC was a vision of a connected future that really resonated - and it showcased how wireless technology is changing the world for the better (and we hadn’t even noticed).

Here are a couple of things that really stood out to us:

5G farming, ultra-efficient haulage - and the Blackwell chip

Did you know that John Deere, one of the world’s most significant manufacturers of farming vehicles and equipment, are already using 5G solutions to maximise the amount of foodstuffs farmers can produce? The technology helps farmers make the most productive and sustainable use of available land. Indeed, analytics company Plainsight Data can even track where livestock graze to ensure they get moved to new pastures at the right time.

ENIGMA EXHIBITION SURVIVAL GUIDE BLOG (3)Mobile tech is underpinning more efficient, sustainable food production

Similarly, UK-based logistics specialists Zeus Labs have used 4G and 5G technology to link circa 15,000 freight haulage trucks across Europe to drive efficiency and speed of delivery. This has drastically reduced empty load journeys, improves fuel consumption and reduces wasted trips by over 50%.

6-Mar-18-2024-11-55-19-4900-AM4G and 5G innovations are already transforming haulage practices

And the big one… NVIDIA, arguably now one of the most important tech companies in the world alongside Microsoft and Apple, has just launched what they call Blackwell. Simply put, Blackwell is four times faster than any other AI supercomputing chip. The possibilities are unprecedented and could lead to astonishing developments in tech areas that could improve the way we live and work.

MWC Blog Feature Img OptionsNVIDIA's potentially revolutionary Blackwell chip

(Image ©️ NVIDIA Newsroom) 

The future is hyper connected mobile technology

This is not science fiction. This is happening right now.

What we’ve discussed here are just a few examples of the diverse applications of 5G which came to the fore during MWC 2024. They proved that it’s the ‘technology behind the technology’ that’s the true star of the show - and that MWC is the beating showcase heart of the communications industry.


'The Internet of Things' just took on a whole new meaning

And it’s the Blackwell chip, perhaps most of all, which signifies that this beating heart has just got much stronger and much larger. If we just take the arena of medicine and healthcare, Blackwell will be used to find cures for previously incurable diseases, and power robots that can perform precision, life saving surgery, day after day - without needing a rest.

Mobile World Congress has always been an assault on the senses, and Enigma loves playing a part in that. But now, more than ever, mobile technology’s quiet, unstoppable progress brings more positive benefits to global societies than we’d anticipated before this point.


For over 30 years Enigma has been putting Brands in Focus. You can take a closer look at our experiential marketing principles here, contact us here, or follow the link below for stats on the effectiveness of in-person events.

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