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How Do We Put Brands in Focus?


In a world where capturing and holding attention is an increasingly complicated challenge, the value of brands has never been greater.

To stand out from the crowd, it's critical to establish the balance of recognition, values, purpose and relevance is where the art meets the science of stimulating the senses, initiating engagement and influencing behaviour that translates into results.

But in experiential terms, what if brand recognition is as much of a curse as a blessing when learned behaviour and assumption kicks in?

What if the distraction of the phone and the watch are more compelling than the allure of what lies across the threshold?

What if the best we can hope is for delegates to remember just one thing? Here's how Enigma helps brands to achieve that worthwhile goal.

Four Elements of Focused Brand experience

Enigma amplifies the value of brands through the lens of focus to maximize the relevance of an experience in the context of the environment.

  • Focus that demands empathy for the needs of the guest.
  • Focus that demands discipline and rigour in order to gain specificity and salience.
  • Focus that understands today’s behavior in the context of tomorrow’s action.
  • Focus that is at the heart of elevated design and content comprehension.

Contact Enigma now to discover how we create experiences that are clearer, stronger, and more engaging and understand why global brands trust our combination of strategy and clarity to put their brands in focus.

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